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Fight mosquitoes with lemons and natural scents

Fight mosquitoes with lemons and natural scents. Intense smells of lemon or lavender keep mosquitoes away from living spaces. “Spread a halved lemon with dried cloves on the window sills,” is the advice of Nehle Hoffer from the nature conservation department at the Federal Association for Environment and Nature Conservation Germany (BUND) in Berlin.

Lavender, basil, chives keep mosquitoes out

“Plants with certain intense smells in the pot on the windowsill or on the balcony also keep mosquitoes out,” says Hoffer. She also advises lavender here. But basil, tomato plants, lemon balm, and chives also help. Scented candles with the same aromas could also deter mosquitoes. Hoffer’s insider tip: Put some laurel oil with water in a fragrance warmer.

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Light does not attract mosquitoes

“The rule ‘lights out’ is useless,” warns Norbert Becker, scientific director of the municipal action group to combat the snake infestation (KABS) in Waldsee in Rhineland-Palatinate. Because brightness only attracts harmless mosquitoes. Mosquitoes, on the other hand, were based on the smell of blood in humans. Basically, fly screens in front of windows and doors keep the plagues out of the house. In children’s rooms, Becker recommends installing an additional mosquito net over the bed.

Insecticides for the outlet

“Insecticides for the socket are the last choice,” explains Becker. The electricity heats the solidified agent in a holder, which then evaporates into the room air. This is not harmful to human health, but the insecticides pollute the indoor air. Becker, therefore, advises that one should only take this measure if the “suffering” is very high.

Avoid standing water

If you want to take preventive measures: Avoid unnecessary water accumulation in empty flower pots, bowls or tarpaulins. “Mosquitoes put off their larvae where rainwater stays longer,” warns Becker. Rain barrels should therefore always be well covered. If there are mosquito larvae in the water, you can kill them with special insecticides, adds the snake expert.

Fight mosquitoes with lemons and natural scents

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