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Expert opinion on a balanced diet for beauty

Expert opinion on a balanced diet for beauty
Expert opinion on a balanced diet for beauty. Dr. Alexander Martinchuk, Expert of the Herbalife Scientific Advisory Board, Nutritionist, Gastroenterologist and Therapist: During the warm summer and the beach season, you need to pay more attention to the condition, shape and overall perception of your skin and hair. While enjoying the summer, one should not forget the worries that the body needs and its beauty to maintain.
For example, the skin is very delicate and sensitive, so you should take it all year round. In the summer, the skin’s health needs special attention and care. Well-groomed and beautiful, radiant skin, as well as healthy nails and hair allow us to feel beautiful and self-confident.

Lets see Expert opinion on a balanced diet for beauty

People rarely think about how much in our lives depends on diet and lifestyle. Dr. Alexander Martinchuk, an expert at the Herbalife Scientific Advisory Board, nutritionist, gastroenterologist and therapist point out that our eating habits and food intake affect not only health and well-being, but also the aging processes, beauty and appearance in general. The primary and most direct effects of food intake are reflected in weight changes and skin condition. This means that a balanced, thoughtful and full-fledged diet is the key to beauty and a healthy image.

The whole is based on a balanced diet

Although things to consider to preserve beauty and good figure are many and varied, the most important thing to look for is a balanced diet and regular sporting activities. It is important to remember the so-called health formula that helps keep the shape – 80% diet and 20% sport activity.
Nowadays, people tend to focus on carbohydrates, but instead should choose more protein. Although carbohydrates are an important part of a healthy diet, unfortunately, on a daily basis, we often consume so-called simple carbohydrates (snacks, sweetened drinks, confectionery, etc.) that provide short-term energy. The richer the sugar and the less fiber they contain, the more precious the body is the carbohydrates. Protein-rich foods, on the other hand, promote metabolic processes and create a more lasting sense of satiety. Protein is the main component of muscle, hair and nail. If the body lacks protein, it is reflected in both physical and external appearance, such as brittle and split nails, unhealthy hair, pale and unhealthy skin.
Protein-rich products Dr. Alexander Martinchuk, first of all, recommends lean meat, sea fish, soya, legumes and mushrooms. In today’s hectic rhythm of life, people often do not have time to focus on their diets in accordance with the principles of a balanced diet, so there are other ways to absorb the required amount of protein, such as meal replacements – Formula 1 protein shakes. The key is not to forget what the body needs daily and find a way to provide the nutrients it needs.

Less salt, more water

Skin care also involves reducing the intake of salt – the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends taking up to 5-6 grams of salt per day. Due to the fact that salt prevents fluid from being removed from the body, edema occurs, which in turn is not only aesthetic and causes discomfort but also affects skin elasticity.
It is also very important to take up enough liquid, preferably water, as this makes it easier to estimate the amount of fluid absorbed. The water is clean, free of sugars, dyes or water-based ingredients, such as coffee and tea. Many people mistakenly think that edema occurs due to the fluid they take and, with less liquid, it will disappear. In fact, it is the other way around. It is necessary to take the liquid so that it circulates in the body and no edema occurs.

Regardless of what you want to improve on your body – to get healthier hair, a youthful skin or a firmer height – pure water is the elixir of beauty. The human body is designed to function from the intake of nutrients and water. Drinking about 2 liters of water a day will help you look younger and keep your skin moisturized. Water also helps the body build healthy muscles and other tissues by supplying the cells with the oxygen they need, as well as participating in many other functions of the body. It is important to remember that during the summer it is necessary to take more liquid, because the sun and heat cause the skin to become drier and the body loses fluid. You should also think more about the amount of fluid you take in the days when you are engaged in sporting activities.

With fiber for harmful substances

With food, we also take on a wide range of harmful substances – heavy metals, allergens, dyes and others that have a negative impact on our health and skin condition. These harmful substances need to be removed from the body as much and as quickly as possible. This is done by the fiber that acts as an absorbent in the body and promotes the elimination of these substances. Fiber also improves intestinal microflora and normalizes bile flow.
Dr. Martinchuk points out that the impact of fiber on skin condition and overall health is surprising. Unfortunately, research has shown that a large proportion of people do not receive enough fiber-rich food on a daily basis. According to a Herbalife survey conducted in May 2015 in all the Baltic countries, despite good knowledge of the importance of fiber in the body, 45% of Latvian residents do not receive dietary foods every day.
The beginning of summer and autumn is the time when we can enjoy the natural bounty by eating fruits, vegetables and berries. At least 600 grams of different fruits and vegetables should be included in the daily diet. Products with high fiber content are: bran, apples, citrus, corn, dried apricots, pulses, oat flakes, coconuts, dried figs and black olives. Of course, fiber can also be picked up, for example, with drinks containing naturally-derived fiber (corn, chicory, oats, apples, citrus fruits, and soya).

Small portions and quality sleep

Finally, one should not forget about the proper eating regime. Eat small meals 5 to 6 times a day, do not miss breakfast and dine at least three hours before bedtime. More frequent meals maintain metabolic activity, reduce hunger and control blood sugar levels. The main thing is that meals are healthy and balanced. Food provides the body with the nutrients to be used for energy consumption. Even at bedtime, the body is given nutrients that are used as energy. The problem lies in the fact that when we are sleeping we need much less energy than during the day. Therefore, food that is not used for energy consumption is stored in the body as fat. For this reason, eating before going to bed is not recommended. In contrast, protein-rich breakfast is essential.
Quality and long enough sleep is also important, as it helps the body to relax and recover. The skin rejuvenates during sleep, so it looks younger and more radiant after a good and quality rest. Good sleep is necessary for the whole body, not just for skin health. It helps to regain energy after a long and tiring day, regenerate muscles after intense workout and get rid of the daily stress. Chronic sleep problems can cause cardiovascular disease, diabetes and depression symptoms. Every day, quality sleep is definitely a must.
Expert opinion on a balanced diet for beauty
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