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Exercise in the first weeks of pregnancy reduces complications

Exercise in the first weeks of pregnancy reduces complications. Exercising during the first weeks of pregnancy, specifically of moderate to vigorous intensity, could reduce the risk of complications as it helps improve metabolic and immune control.

During pregnancy, women go through major changes in their immunometabolic and endocrine systems, which are visible through maternal physiology. These alterations could cause pregnancy complications and health problems in both the mother and the baby. According to experts, to avoid it, it is best to have a healthy pregnancy, which includes a varied diet, a low level of stress and regular physical exercise, always adapted and with the consent of the corresponding medical professionals.

Regarding the last of the recommendations, a team of researchers from the University of Granada (UGR) has studied for the first time what is the association between the time that 50 pregnant women – 33 years old – remained sedentary and the levels of physical exercise , with the results of its systemic concentrations of lipid, glycemic and inflammatory markers.

More immunometabolic regulation in pregnant women who exercise

The results, which have been published in the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports , indicated that those pregnant women who had performed moderate-vigorous physical exercise during the first weeks of gestation had lower concentrations of interferon (antiviral protein) and interleukin 1 beta (regulator of immune responses) and higher levels of interleukin 8 (pro-inflammatory), physiological markers associated with metabolic regulation, angiogenesis – blood vessel formation – and inflammation.

The research shows that it is possible to modulate the immunometabolic responses in the first weeks of pregnancy – which could lead to complications in maternal and fetal health – thanks to physical activity since the lifestyle of the mother during pregnancy directly affects to your baby. Therefore, as they explain, exercising could make pregnancies run healthier.

However, Francisco M. Acosta and Pedro Acosta-Manzano, the main authors of the study, found no relationship between lack of physical exercise with lipid and glycemic markers. Even so, they stress the importance of not drawing hasty conclusions before more research is conducted on larger samples.

Exercise in the first weeks of pregnancy reduces complications

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