Excessive stress and exercise, when the body says – enough!

Excessive stress and exercise, when the body says - enough!
Excessive stress and exercise, when the body says – enough! After holidays and rest time, time has come back to our busy tracks and we face the daily routine at work and at home again. Few sunsets, cold, home-grown carousels, and even overtime in our work, exhaust us and take away all of our energy. It returns stress and fatigue.
Headaches, a feeling of exhaustion, but also anxiety – yet our body can show that it’s time to slow down, slow down, take a deep breath, and realize what’s wrong. 
Our body knows best when it’s good and when not, and it gives us clear signals. This is the same with stress. If it’s too much for you, your body will let you know. The error is to ignore these warnings.

When we get stress again

Stress can make a significant contribution to the development of serious illness, a well-known fact. Each of us is dealing with it differently, otherwise there are some sort of tense situations and events affecting us, otherwise we perceive them and solve them. But when we do not know how to deal with them, the problems get bucked and the stress grows, the body begins to send warning signals. These include not only physical difficulties but also psychological imbalances that can grow into more serious problems. The ability to cope with stress is therefore very important for our overall health.

Heavy situations and life events that can wail us

Such are a whole lot and life usually inevitably belongs. Death in the family, divorce, serious illness, accident, but also success and promotion at work and the associated higher responsibility that will start to grow over your head and begin to break down family relationships. In cases like these, all you can do is seek help from counselors and officials (from places like https://www.kwdllp.com/family-law/) to keep yourself together. In spite of all your efforts, you begin to feel that nothing is going on that everything is on you and fate is simply against you. This is signified by your health and your psyche. The key is a certain ability to look, the ability to realize that some things do not have to be so serious that not everything can and must be attained at a given time, but also that you learn to say no.

When the body begins to protest and shows that you are on the edge

Are you sleeping poorly, your head is sick and you suffer from migraines, you are sleepless and tired, do you feel long-term dislike to work, suffer from heartburn, feel anxiety, become fat or, according to your friends, lose your eyesAll of this may be a symptom of excessive stress and a way of life that definitely does not benefit you. Try it differently. Spend time, even write down a list of what really needs to be done right now and what will wait. Compare your priorities. Every day you set time for yourself, time to rest, when you really will not deal with anything else. Healthily and regularly eat, do not go hurry and go to sleep. At the weekends, go for more exercise, try yoga or swimming, go more often with children or with a dog for a walk.

How can the body return energy and taste life?

Learn how to keep drinking. Lack of fluids causes mildness, inertia, but also a noticeable drop in energy. If you love to drink or drink a lot of coffee and tea, it is quite possible that you are dehydrated and need to increase your daily fluid intake. Try dietary supplements with increased iron and vitamin D content. As mentioned above, put your body more in motion. Restrict contact with your loved ones exclusively over the Internet and take them realistically. Take your personal leisure seriously and literally, think of having a rest, self-care and hobbies or family. Do not forget about sex, as the miracles know it and it returns vitality to the body , it also eliminates stress and is perfectly “healing” in all respects.

Excessive stress and exercise, when the body says – enough!

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