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Everything you need to know about acne in pregnancy

Everything you need to know about acne in pregnancy. For some women, pregnancy provides a skin treatment that goes beyond any expensive product you can buy. However, many women not only do not have the famous “glow of pregnancy”, but are faced with acne. Here are some things to know if you have acne in your pregnancy.

What Causes Acne In Pregnancy?

A quick and easy way to understand how a pimple forms: the skin glands secrete sebum (oil) into the pores and if it is sticky and thick enough, the sebum traps dead skin cells and dirt, clogging the pores. These pores create an ideal environment for the bacteria Propionibacterium acnes, which then grow and create the pimples that you see and feel.

An increase in progesterone in the first trimester of pregnancy tends to increase sebum production. In some, the sebum is light in composition and moisturizing, giving the famous “glow of pregnancy”. But if your body’s unique combination of pregnancy hormones is particularly strong, you may find yourself with acne-like the one you had in high school.

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Factors other than hormones can also contribute to pregnancy acne. For example, some women may experience intense stress and stress acts as the “kryptonite” of clean skin.

What You Can Do About Acne

If your skin used to get pimples during your period, it is likely that the same thing will happen to you during the first months of your pregnancy. But this is not always the case: some women find that their usual acne problems disappear during pregnancy, while others who have never suffered from pimples find that pregnancy brings them.

If pregnancy has caused you acne, here are some things you can do.

* Do not use medicines without your doctor’s approval

Some medications used to treat acne can cause serious genetic disorders. Never use medicines or cosmetics with strong substances without your doctor’s approval.

* Use a mild cleanser

Even if you have oily skin or pimples, you should not use “hard” cleansers, as they remove the natural oils from your skin and leave it dry. In this way you even force your skin to secrete more sebum and thus a vicious circle is created. So be sure to use a gentle cleanser that respects the pH of the skin.

* Wash in moderation

Everything needs moderation and cleansing your face is no exception. Just as you should not skip cleaning, so you should not overdo it. When you wash your skin more than twice a day (1 time in the morning, 1 at night) you can disrupt the skin’s hydrolipid barrier and consequently its balance, resulting in more oiliness.

* Try exfoliation

Exfoliation is the simplest way to cleanse the pores of your skin (those that are clogged with excess sebum) and remove dead cells. Choose a mild exfoliating product and apply it with gentle, circular motions so as not to injure your skin.

* Do not break the pimples

In your adolescence, breaking the pimples may have been your guilty pleasure, but now you should hold on and not break that pimple on your chin, as this increases the chances of infection. In addition, your skin regenerates more slowly as you grow older, so one wrong move can cause you a scar that will take weeks to disappear.

* Visit a dermatologist

If your acne does not improve after a consistent treatment routine or if your acne is severe or really bothers you, see an accredited dermatologist. Under no circumstances should you try new products on your own.

* Do not be ashamed of your pimples

We are not saying that you should be indifferent to the health of your skin or neglect your treatment, but there is really no reason to be ashamed of your pimples. This is a very common skin problem among women, which should not make you feel bad.

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