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Effective protection against the corona virus is on hand

Effective protection against the corona virus is on hand. What you should pay particular attention to in view of the rampant corona virus: The best protection begins with careful handwashing; This is what important institutions say, such as the Robert Koch Institute and the World Health Organization WHO.

According to the WHO, up to 80 percent of all infectious diseases are transmitted via the hands. But up to 99.9 percent of these pathogens can be removed with soap and water.

Viruses are often passed on through smear infections. The grip on the nose and mouth favors this. That’s why the right-hand washing and drying helps the best against infection. This is in contrast to a mouth or face mask, which especially sick people should wear to protect healthy people from infection.

Leaflet hand hygiene

Good hand hygiene, adherence to the cough and sneeze labels and the distance to the sick are the most important protective measures against infection. Companies that are in international exchange are well-advised to sensitize their employees accordingly. For this, the company Delta Zofingen AG, which specializes in hygiene solutions, provides interested companies with the “Hand Hygiene Leaflet”.

It shows the correct procedure for hand washing and drying according to the recommendations of the World Health Organization WHO * with meaningful illustrations. This ensures that the recommendations are understood in a wide variety of cultures. Printed and placed in the right place, the leaflet reminds employees and visitors every day of the importance of careful hand hygiene.

Facts about washing hands

Diseases are most commonly transmitted through germs, bacteria or viruses. Then when someone touches their face with a handshake, touching door handles, exchanging change, etc. However, the pathogens can be rendered harmless just by washing their hands – with an effective combination of soaping, rubbing, rinsing and drying, The WHO recommends drying hands with a disposable paper towel.

At most, germs remaining on the fingertips can be reduced by up to 76 percent. In contrast, drying with hot air devices can increase the bacterial load by up to 7 percent. Fan dryers distribute germs up to 2 m into the washroom and the pathogens feel at home in the textile towel. Thanks to user-friendly dispenser systems, paper towels can be removed quickly and hygienically. They dry quickly and effectively – even between your fingers.

Source: Delta Zofingen

Effective protection against the corona virus is on hand

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