Eat at your desk to lose weight

Eat at your desk to lose weight. Eating away from your office can boost your productivity levels and regulate your appetite. Maybe most days of the week you don’t have the luxury of taking a break to eat your lunch non-stop or maybe you just get used to sitting at your desk because it’s fast and easy.

However, eating away from your desk can boost your productivity levels and regulate your appetite. Not to mention that the whole office will not smell the cabbage leaves you have brought.

The next time you need a reminder to leave your office at lunch, consider the following benefits.

1. You will know when you are full

Most people who sit in their office during lunch do not pay much attention to the flavors and textures of their food, which deprives them of all the enjoyment of the process.

In fact, hurrying to your office not only do you not enjoy your food, but you are also unable to understand when you are full. So stop looking at your lunch as yet another chore to get off the list and give it the attention it deserves.

2. You will feel less hunger than

A study published in the  American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that people who played a computer game as they ate their lunch felt less hungry later and ate more biscuits after lunch compared to eating the same meal. without being absorbed into the computer.

If you are checking your emails you are scrolling through social media as you eat, you may not feel full. If you do not pay attention to your meal, you will not realize that your hunger is satisfied and then you will want to eat again.

3. You will eat a predetermined amount of food

Many people keep snacks in their office drawers. While this may be a good strategy for managing your snacks, if you have your lunch absorbed in something else, you are more likely to seek out your snacks earlier. What you could eat as a snack late in the afternoon could easily become part of your meal. However, when you eat in a different place, you only consume the amount of food you had predetermined to eat.

4. You will be more productive

People are not designed to sit in an office for eight hours each day. If you get up and look for a place for your lunch break, you will be physically active, which can have a positive impact on your energy levels and consequently on your work after lunch.

Your body will have the opportunity to move and your mind to change performances. Eating food in your office is certainly easier to get bored and be less productive.

5. You will move

Every exercise is good, even if you are just going for a walk to eat your lunch elsewhere. It is not healthy to stay seated at your desk all the time, especially when enjoying your meal. So take this little break to move on.

What to remember …

By eating your lunch outside your office, you’ll be able to recognize the feeling of satiety, avoid unnecessary snacks, and improve your productivity. Try eating your lunch in the dining room and ask a colleague to eat with you.

Regardless of where you eat your lunch, keep away your cellphone or other appliances to avoid over-eating. A recent study by the journal  Physiology & Behavior found that participants who ate their smartphones while eating ate 15% more calories than those who did not.

Eat at your desk to lose weight

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