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Drinking water will help cope with dark circles under the eyes

Drinking water will help cope with dark circles under the eyes
Drinking water will help cope with dark circles under the eyes. When dark circles under the eyes – the relative norm, and when – no? What diseases can it signal and how to prevent the appearance of eyes -Drinking water

The eyes of a healthy person are initially planted in orbits, i.e. anatomically slightly recessed. 

The hypoderm in this area is well supplied with small capillaries, but at the same time rather thin. In addition, the skin is tender and vulnerable, which is why the vessels in this area are much more visible than in other parts of the face.
The slightest changes on the part of the vessels or subcutaneous tissue immediately manifest themselves in the form of bruises or dark circlesThis may occur due to stagnation of blood in small capillaries or the penetration of single blood elements into the subcutaneous tissue with increased fragility of blood vessels.
“For the same reason, under-eyed people can see circles under their eyes more clearly than with plump ones. In the first case, the subcutaneous tissue has a thinner layer; in the second, it is thicker. 
The doctor says that circles under the eyes often occur in fast losing women. Such patients, the doctor recommends that simultaneously with the observance of the diet, thoroughly engage the skin of the face (perform massage, do not neglect the tightening procedures, both home and salon). It is even possible to seek advice from a beautician.

Bruises under the eyes can be a relative norm.

Bruises under the eyes, Among of many patients there are people who have dark circles under their eyes have been observed since childhood. I ask them when they have noted this problem for the first time? They answer, they say, how long they remember, they always noticed. And they continue: “My mother and grandmother have dark circles under the eyes.” In such cases, we are most often talking about hyperpigmentation of the area around the eyes. 
The doctor explains that such people are usually healthy or relatively healthy. Circles under the eyes they have constantly. For them, this is the norm.
– I have one patient, an incredibly cute guy of 30 years. I always tell him that these circles even go to him. And when examining abnormalities in his health, he was not identified.

How to understand when the eyes- “bruises” relative norm, and when – a sign of the disease?

– Only a doctor can understand this and only after talking with the patient and diagnosing the body. If there were no circles under the eyes before, but now they have appeared, you should pay special attention to the state of health. Often this visual effect is complemented by other symptoms. For example, increased fatigue, weakness, desire to sleep an extra hour, lack of satisfaction from sleep. These may be signs of hypothyroidism (a decrease in thyroid function). 
If there are signs of indigestion along with dark circles under the eyes: abdominal pain, upset stool, a change in appetite, the digestive tract is most likely to suffer. In this case, to determine the cause of the disease, you must pass the appropriate examination.
The “panda effect” can also be observed in patients with chronic ENT pathology (chronic sinusitis, nasal sinus polyposis, curvature of the nasal septum) due to a violation of nasal breathing.
– Sometimes swelling appears along with dark circles under the eyes, which may indicate kidney problems. The reasons for the appearance of this unremarkable visual effect are many. Especially careful you need to be in the event that before there was no edema, but now there is. In this case, you need to go not to the cosmetologist, but to the general doctor. If necessary, he will direct to narrow specialists. 
According to the doctor, after identifying the cause and proper treatment, dark circles under the eyes disappear in a short time.
– Sometimes “bruises” do not indicate a serious illness, they arise due to overwork, cracking at work, lack of proper sleep and good nutrition, as well as as a result of alcohol abuse and tobacco addiction.

 Drinking water will help cope with dark circles under the eyes

The doctor explains, often the cause of dry skin and the appearance of dark circles under the eyes – dehydration. 
– Based on my experience, I conclude that we generally drink very little. We begin to do this only when the brain sends a signal called “thirst.” Skin with a constant lack of moisture can not be normal. The same goes for blood flow. The amount of fluid depends on how small capillaries are discharged. If the fluid is not enough, then there is stagnation of blood. The body does not function at full capacity, hence the so-called blue color under the eyes. 

The doctor recommends drinking 1.5-2 liters of water per day, in small portions between meals. Then the whole body and skin cells will be “happy.” In the normal state there will be the same hypodermic cellulose, which closes the vessels. In gratitude – a fresh and well-groomed face, even without makeup.

What to do to the dark circles under the eyes did not appear

The doctor is sure that for the prevention and elimination (in the absence of the disease) of dark circles under the eyes it is important to follow a few recommendations. It is necessary to normalize your sleep, do not forget about evening walks and proper nutrition. 
– The reserves of the body are not limitless. You can not bring yourself to the point of exhaustion, when the result becomes a disease.
As a preventive measure, the “panda effect” will not prevent you from including more fruits and vegetables in your diet. It can be oranges, tangerines, red, yellow and green peppers. It is also important not to overeat, especially at night. 
– If you can not change anything at work and you have to sit in front of a computer for 8-10 hours a day, take breaks. This will contribute to beauty and health. A long walk to the house, not a ride by car, will also do well. A good compensation to the body for sedentary 5 days will be an active weekend: swimming pool, skis, skates. All this will ultimately allow the dark circles to remain under the eyes of the one to whom they really go – panda.
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