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HomenutritionDoes your child eat a lot of protein

Does your child eat a lot of protein

Does your child eat a lot of protein? And while parents have been worried about whether their children eat protein because they are curious about food, the concern has now changed and they are worried that the toddler will get something because of too much protein. Although there is still insufficient research on this topic, several studies have come to the same conclusion. There seems to be a link between the high protein content with a higher risk of obesity afterward.

Lot of protein eat child

In one important detail: the only type of protein associated with faster growth and weight gain risk was dairy (milk, cheese, yogurt). So this means that vegetable and meat protein is not a problem.

Overall, experts suggest that 15% of the energy should be derived from proteins for children from 6 to 24 months. This translates to 30 to 45 grams daily. The key is to not give your child too much protein and it is not that difficult. Whether you are breastfeeding or breastfeeding, the baby gets what they need from milk for the first 6 months. When starting solid foods, be sure to give it meat, fish, eggs, and beans. High-protein foods also provide iron and zinc

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Reduce dairy products to half or one serving for infants and two to two and a half for infants. One serving of dairy equals 225 grams of milk or yogurt and 42 grams of hard cheese.

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