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Develop your child tastes

Develop your child tastes. If you see your child constantly asking him to make spaghetti with minced meat or sweets, it’s time to expand on his tasty shells. The younger the age, the better to try new flavors. But when it comes to food, it’s never too late. One of the main reasons that children enjoy eating one or two foods is because parents are afraid of introducing them to new flavors. As difficult as it may seem to you at times, young children need to be exposed to food at least 10 times before tasting it and eating it.

Make the most spicy

Look for unusual spices and try different classic recipes. For example, add chili to a classic sauce or add capers to salads.

Borrow from other cultures

Your child may be fond of Italian or Chinese cuisine and have not yet tasted it. While cooking, you can also talk about the country.

Let it try by you

If you have ordered something out of the ordinary that seems weird, encourage the child to try it at home who feels more secure and may not do it in the restaurant.

Make changes to the snacks

Instead of raisins, give him dried bilberry or soybeans instead of carrots. If you love bread with jam and peanut butter, choose hummus.

Do not be afraid of tests

Mix ingredients in recipes and familiarize your child with things they usually do not eat.

Develop your child tastes

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