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Dangerous to drink cold water in hot weather

Dangerous to drink cold water in hot weather. The endocrinologist claims that drinking ice water in hot weather leads to contrast hypothermia of the mucous membranes of the oropharynx and the digestive tract. And if a person has a tendency or chronic diseases such as tonsillitis, then they can worsen.

In addition, when ice water enters the stomach, it temporarily blocks the production of enzymes and gastric juice. This leads to the fact that proteins are not absorbed, which is “catastrophic.”

– And even if you drink cool water, once inside, it can lead to spasm of the biliary tract. This means that the fats will not be digested, the motor activity of the intestines will decrease, and this is the way to constipation, the doctor explains.

The specialist also notes that bile is the best antiseptic, which is the best way to prevent dysbiosis.

As for drinking hot water, it is also harmful

– There is strong evidence from scientists that the constant consumption of drinks hotter than 65 degrees increases the risk of esophageal cancer. The numbers are as follows: those who drank more than 700 ml of hot tea per day had a 90% increased risk of esophageal cancer. Your doctor recommends drinking other drinks instead of water.

– Sometimes, a couple of times a day, you can drink tea. And it’s better to drink green tea. It is a good antioxidant and helps to restore hydration. But tea cannot completely replace the entire volume of water.

But juices, even freshly squeezed ones, should be completely excluded from your menu. Scientists recently became convinced that they can lead to cancer. But before oncology, with the regular use of freshly squeezed juices, gout or kidney stones will develop.

The specialist pays special attention to water with lemon:

– There is an important concept – the acid-base balance of the body. Our internal environment, figuratively speaking, acidifies in the course of daily activities. And sour lemon works like an alkali inside the body. It alkalizes our body, restores balance, shifting it from an acidic environment to a normal one. Thus, many troubles are prevented.

Finally, Seekers-Zone reminds you that you don’t need to drink two liters of water in one sitting:

– Do not forget that the stomach is a muscular organ and it stretches perfectly. Despite the fact that water is retained in the stomach for literally 10-15 minutes, this time is enough to increase its volume.

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