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Cut calories and improve your health

Cut calories and improve your health
Cut calories and improve your health. Researchers at Duke University reduced 300 calories from their daily calorie intake to 218 participants in a two-year study.
Researchers consumed three meals a day, totaling about 75% of the calories they typically consumed on a daily basis.

Cut calories and improve your health

Reduce and maintain weight

At the end of the initial period, the researchers encouraged participants to continue cutting off ¼ of their daily calories, with most eventually unable to maintain the restriction for the two-year period.
However, even the mildest form of diet allowed participants to not only lose but also maintain their weight.
It is noteworthy that after this small two-year calorie restriction, the levels of inflammation in the body had declined, indicating a reduction in the risk of diseases such as cardiovascular disease or dementia.
At the end of this extended diet, participants also had a lower risk of developing metabolic diseases, such as diabetes.
Although researchers have not yet elucidated the cause behind the findings, they argue that “there is something useful, a mechanism that we cannot yet understand but certainly leads to improvements,” said the study’s lead characteristically.

What Scientists Say

“Our findings show that even a mild change, even less than 300 calories, contributes to the reduction of the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. You can do this with ease, as long as you take care of when and how much you consume from particular foods, “the scientists said.
Because the beneficial effects of caloric restriction have not yet been fully investigated, the research team holds the study samples for future use and further study.
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