Cook with your child

Cook with your child. In USA homes, the kitchen is the place where the family gathers, eats, discusses, disagrees and generally communicates.

So it’s up to everyone to contribute in their own way and to participate as much as they can. Even if we are talking about children, then it is extremely important that you come into the kitchen with you so that you can build on your own good and healthy eating habits that will last forever. Besides, you help him in mathematical calculations (in recipes) and in vocabulary.

Cooking with children 2-4 years old. It takes patience and easy recipes. For example, ask him to give you things from the fridge, wash fruits and vegetables, or stir the salad. If she’s bored, thank her for the help and don’t expect perfection from her.

Cooking with toddlers. The age begins when he realizes the importance of things and why this food is healthier than that. He also learns new words that he enthusiastically repeats. Make a fruit salad with yogurt, healthy raisins muffins, fruit or melted banana or home-made garnishes like jazzy and hummus. It can also help with setting the table.

Cooking with elementary school students. First of all, the child is able to select the menu and help you choose from the supermarket where you will know which vegetables and fruits come out each season. Try recipes such as soups, fried vegetables and chicken, pancakes, pasta, and homemade muesli. After all, it is at an age where you can slowly take control of the oven and carry cutlery, always under your supervision.

Cooking with teens: the teenager is a younger adult who can suggest recipes and make them himself and do it on a low budget. Some clever recipes are curry vegetables, fish and velvet soups. Remember that the cooking process must be fun and enjoyable. If you find that your child does not seem to have a little fun, just ask him for help with setting the table and washing the dishes.

Cook with your child

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