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Colourful food is a healthy way of life

Colourful food is a healthy way of life. The design of the house and office, the choice of clothes, make-up, and hairstyle – all this, one way or another, is based on the idea of ​​mastering the color space. Even in psychology, color psychology and color therapy have appeared. A few years ago, the color revolution came to dietology.

Followers of the color diet guarantee a weight loss of 10 kg after a monthly cycle. “Americans”, who were “forced” in a healthy way of life, followed by Europeans for some reason decided that the therapeutic effect of color on the psyche should be connected not only with the clothes of what color we wear, and the objects of what color surround us but also with that, the food of what color we eat. Of course, it’s hard to argue with the fact that the red room will drive a person to rabies much more effectively than a single red plaid. This is the principle of “the most intense exposure to the color gamut of products” and built, so-called, color, or color diet.

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The essence is simple – every day of the week you need to eat products of a certain color. And no other! Experts believe that such a diet – a panacea from the coloristic cacophony in a dish that confuses the body and interferes with the full recruitment of the right energy. A follower of a colored diet does not irritate colorful diversity. Thus, during a meal a state of relaxation is achieved, and, therefore, the food is better absorbed, the body heals. Also grows thin. By the way, the scientific effectiveness of this method of nutrition is confirmed – neither in terms of health nor in terms of weight loss.

However, according to some experts, this system is completely harmless, and it is possible to observe all the life yellow, red and green days. Let’s see Colourful food is a healthy way of life according to days.

The beauty of a color diet is also that there are no restrictions on the amount of food. However, this charm is its main drawback, because the only real reason that a diet can actually help you lose weight is control over what we eat. However, selecting the products by color, we involuntarily pay attention to food, which means that we will not sweep everything off without looking at the plate. So, as always on Monday, we start a new life – with a clean white sheet.

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Monday to white

Potatoes, rice, bananas, coconut, fresh onions, milk, white cheeses such as sulguni or mozzarella, cottage cheese, white tea, cauliflower, egg white, sugar, and salt – to taste.

As you can see, everything is balanced: carbohydrates, fats, protein, and even vitamins and trace elements. Supplementary products: to this canonical list you can add pasta, white beans, celery root, scallops, white fish, and white chicken meat, as well as sour cream, whipped cream, and cream ice cream. And they followed the principle, and they did not deprive themselves of their favorite tastes.

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Tuesday – red

Red beans, tomatoes, red berries, and red meat – beef and veal. You can also eat pomegranates, sweet red pepper, and red hot pepper and drink red wine and red juices. This day is obtained as a “Kremlevke” – low-carbohydrate and high-protein. Beans and meat are sources of protein, at least the “right” carbohydrates we collect tomatoes and pepper, vitamins – garnet. Well, red wine is a well-known antioxidant that will help the body to conquer cholesterol and rejuvenate. In moderation, of course. Additional products: there’s probably nothing to add here. Unless to appoint red strawberry cake or cherry ice cream.

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Environment – green

On Wednesday we become vegetarians, because the environment is a green day, and green meat is better not to eat. In the food are leaf salad, fresh herbs, green onions, broccoli and kohlrabi, stalks of celery, cucumbers, kiwi, green apples, sea kale. The drink is green tea. Extremely useful, but hungry turns day. No protein, no fat. However, the body does not hurt a small vitamin shake, and rest from meat Tuesday is also not superfluous.

Additional products: green peas and green beans – that’s almost squirrels. And do not forget about avocados, pistachios, green grapes, lime, and soda.

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Thursday – orange

Beautiful – bright and cheerful day. According to the canons of the diet, it is allowed to eat carrots, pumpkins, papayas, ripe mangoes, sea buckthorn, and salmon. The set of products is not rich, but full of all necessary. In salmon – useful monounsaturated fats, carrots – carotene, sea buckthorn is rich in vitamins A and C. Additional products: as an additive to the orange menu, you can eat an orange, apricots or dried apricots and red caviar – true, without bread.

Friday – purple

On a plate of eggplant, dark grapes, dark berries such as blackberries, blueberries, and black currants. You can also eat plums or prunes, violet onions, and tarragon grass. Vitamins in place, the eggplant is rich in fiber and healthy carbohydrates, and prunes stimulate the work of the intestines. Additional products: even purple beet, useful for digestion and hematopoiesis. And for the soul (and for protein) you can eat lamb or liver – for some reason they are considered purple, which is almost purple.

Saturday – yellow

On Saturday, the world blooms in sunny yellow – but how else? After all, the long-awaited holiday came! You can eat pineapples and peaches, yellow sweet peppers and zucchini, corn, egg yolks, and honey, and still, a mature cheese – Edam, Maasdam … Agree, not bad – fiber in corn and zucchini, fats in cheese, bromelain for weight loss – in pineapples. You can drink yellow juices. Additional products: lemon and ordinary black tea, brewed not very hard.

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Sunday, also, is a colorless day, that is, hungry. You can drink only mineral water.

Tips for beginners: Colourful food is a healthy way of life

  1. If you want to change the color of the days in places – on health! There will be no harm from this, and such a permutation is not a bad thing.
  2. Want to lose weight – exclude from the diet all the same as with a normal diet – flour, sweet, fatty, fried and “fast” starchy carbohydrates – potatoes and bananas.
  3. As for the safe duration of the color diet, there is an alternative opinion – do not sit on it for more than two weeks in a row.
  4. For weight loss, it is recommended to do one hungry (colorless) every six satiety (color) days and alternate two weeks of a color diet with two weeks of moderate nutrition or one week of juices and yogurt. But, keep in mind – the effect of soothing monochrome, in this case, will be lower.

Followers of the color diet guarantee a weight loss of 10 kg after a monthly cycle. Only strictly follow the recommendations, and do not eat “additional products”.

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