HomeexerciseCold and sport: pay attention to physical exercise in winter

Cold and sport: pay attention to physical exercise in winter

Cold and sport: pay attention to physical exercise in winter
Cold and sport: pay attention to physical exercise in winter. Snow, ice, negative temperatures, as every year at this time, a cold wave arrives. This icy weather encourages people to stay at home and wait for spring and the return of more favorable temperatures to resume the sport. With the added winter fatigue, it’s difficult to motivate yourself to play sports, especially outdoors.
However, practicing physical activity in cold weather is possible. This requires, however, to be well prepared and well equipped … and pay attention to ice sheets, especially for cyclists. 

Cold and sport: pay attention to physical exercise in winter

Moreover, it is often forgotten but removing the snow in front of home is an intense physical effort and an unknown cause of infarction cold because this physical activity is practiced by men not always well prepared.

More effort in cold weather

When temperatures are very cold and exercise is performed, the body spends a lot more energy because it also needs to warm up. The heart beats faster to allow the body temperature to maintain itself. When mercury plummets by 1 degree C, the risk of myocardial infarction increases by 2% in the next 4 weeks, especially the first 2. In case of heart problems, it is therefore advisable to focus on an indoor activity.
Cycling, the temperature is always lower, and the wind can be icy. Gloves, hat, neck warmers and mufflers are required. The cold also promotes muscle injury, the blood vessels contract under the effect of cold, a mechanism that prevents heat loss, but it also increases the risk of injury to the effort because the muscles are less well irrigated. It is therefore absolutely necessary to warm up before starting. 
If it’s cold, breathe through your nose and exhale through your mouth. The nose warms the air before it enters the bronchi, reducing cold bronchoconstriction, and it can also act as a filter, as pollution is often more important when temperatures drop. Also, it avoids irritation of the mucous membranes. 

The importance of hydration

Gloves, hat, technical clothing: the equipment is essential. Care must be taken that the ends are well protected. In fact, we must remember that we lose up to 30% of our heat by the head. For the body, it takes three layers: the first glued to the skin absorbs moisture, the second retains heat, and the third is waterproof.
But in case of severe cold, we must also be wary of dehydration which is bad for the heart. “The cold is also a source of dehydration, which reduces the fluidity of blood and requires more effort to the heart to function,”So do not forget to hydrate yourself in cold weather, because the feeling of thirst often decreases, but our water needs are just as important.
Any unusual pain or sensation should be an alarm signal to stop the effort. We forget the too violent efforts in cold weather, the ideal for this is to focus on the gym and indoor sports. Especially if you are an occasional sportsman and over 40 years old.

Be careful when removing snow in front of your home

Grand classic Samu because it is also a fairly intense physical exercise: remove the snow in the early morning in front of home is indeed a common cause and unknown to infarction in the fifties at this time. When you are not very sporty, you have to go gradually with the shovel and stay well covered: hat and gloves are essential for not finishing on a stretcher and in the catheterization room.
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