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Children’s immunity eliminates stress

Children's immunity eliminates stress
Children’s immunity eliminates stress. The child’s world is incredible. So many variations, adventures and joy from seemingly ordinary things … Children are spontaneous and can live with the moment. They love to discover the world. And above all love (and need) also freedom. But we steal them unknowingly. The first such loss usually comes with admission to kindergarten or school …

So, Lets see How Children’s immunity eliminates stress

Admission to school is a very difficult test for a sensitive child’s organism. Not only meeting with other children and staying in a team, but also psychological stress, stress and nervousness – all of this can sign up to their immune system. “He gets used to,” we tend to comfort. But do you really have to wait and believe to get used to the immune system? That he makes antibodies and becomes resistant? Maybe yes maybe no. One effective solution, however, exists: to give children freedom and give them a sense of security. This will provide them with a beautiful childhood and a well-developed immunity.
From the first few steps, we support our children in flight. We let them know and explore. In order to learn and enjoy themselves. Then comes the break: school age and first class entry. The child is forced to sit downright in the bench every day, adhere to the exact regime, and listen more than explore. Suddenly, besides natural authority – parents – another person will appear; teacher. Many children get used to this learning system, but many still long for adventure and freedom that is suddenly lacking. And that is undoubtedly a big change for them.

For this type of stress, children usually respond with increasing defiance and aggression, which we often mistakenly interpret as a negative character to suppress, to get under control. And so, the roundabouts of bans, orders, and threats associated with another wave of stress usually rotate.
  • It is good to realize that aggression is primarily a reflection of a long-term feeling of oppression, dissatisfaction and anger, not of dishonesty and irreconcilability.
  • Long-term suppression of aggression and restriction of liberty can lead to resignation. Such children often become “indifferent” adults who perform work in which they do not see any deeper meaning, they do not enjoy them. Such individuals also more often suffer from respiratory diseases (e.g., asthma), melancholia and anxiety. She does not say “No”, which is hurting them, causing anger and leading to further stress. It is not only the hepatic circuit, but also the lungs and kidneys. 

Eliminate children emotional stress

She has to go to school. It is here that the children learn the knowledge that they use in life. However, it is important not to see school as an educational institution, but as a place full of adventure and discovery. The place where they will be educated does not lose their freedom. How to do it?
  • We will leave the role of teachers exclusively to them, we remain loving parents to which children can trust. Let us provide them with a cozy home environment where they will be happy to come back and talk with them carefully, but in a relaxed atmosphere. Everything. To know that nothing has to be taboo and that they will find understanding and understanding in us.
Such children feel free and better manage both stressful situations and attacks of common toxins from the environment. Children who do not repress emotions do not suffer from emotional blocks, their body does not stress, and the immune system can evolve. Think about it …
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