Check your health through your friends, Check your health through your friends
Check your health through your friends: While previous studies have shown how beliefs, beliefs, and behaviors are spread across our social networks, researchers at the University of Notre Dame have looked at something different.

They focused specifically on how the structure of social networks affects one’s state of health, happiness, and levels of anxiety.

Check your health through your friends

At the same time, they have found that an expanding social network, with strong friendships that boost one’s evolution, becomes particularly important for one’s health and well-being.

“What we found was that the structure of the social network provides important information that helps predict the well-being of a person,” said the study’s director.

For the study, participants wore Fitbits to record their health – such as steps, sleep, heart rate, and activity level – and completed questionnaires about their feelings, stress, happiness, and well-being. Positive Energy.

The findings showed a strong correlation between social network structures, heart rate, number of steps, and activity level.

The study shows that without the information on a person’s social network, we have a poor picture of their health, according to researchers.

“In order to be proactive and to be able to intervene at the right time, it is important to have information about a person’s social network in addition to health tests,” said the study’s director.

Researchers emphasize the need for a close circle of auxiliary friends, enhancing one’s development at all levels.

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