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Cellulite treatment … with golf balls

Cellulite treatment ... with golf balls
Beneath the skin, collagen forms something like a net, but fat can break that “net” and appear on the surface. The best solution is to release the fat that causes the problem and not just hide it. The new, special anti-cellulite treatment combines the best natural ingredients, such as 2 types of tea, hemp and volcanic mud with a very specialized massage … with golf balls. It is a non-invasive treatment that works very quickly against cellulite while enhancing skin tightening and overall health.

Cellulite treatment … with golf balls- The treatment steps are:

  • Golf Massage. Typical movements that create a strong blood and lymph flow, while at the same time rejuvenating skin cells and increasing fat burning.
  • Massage with extract of green and black tea, depending on the degree of cellulite and skin relaxation.
  • Application of volcanic mud in the areas in question.
  • Application of hemp oil or hemp peeling, depending on the degree of cellulite.

What we succeed: Skin tightening, cellulite treatment and reduction of local thickness

Golf massage has a very effective effect on removing dead cells and detoxifying the body. “With specific pressures, the skin is refreshed, the lymph is blocked and fat burning is activated,” explains expert Mary Filippaiou. Tea has a proven anti-cellulite effect and is often a component of slimming cosmetic compositions. Hemp oil has moisturizing and regenerative properties. Finally, volcanic mud is equally beneficial to the skin as it contains ingredients such as:

Calcium: Enhances stability and skin barrier. Activates collagen production.
Potassium: Adjusts the water content of the cells and prevents relaxation.
Magnesium: Boosts collagen production and restores damaged tissue from the sun.
Selonium: Antioxidant properties, contributes to cellular protection against free radicals.
Germany: An antioxidant that combats inflammation, strengthens skin’s defense and protects against premature aging.
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