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Breast Cancer: The Most Dangerous Myths

Breast Cancer: The Most Dangerous Myths. Breast cancer is one of the biggest threats to women’s health. That’s why it’s important to be properly informed.

Breast cancer is a very serious issue to be tackled superficially and without control. The examinations and checks that must be done each year can be life-saving. In many cases, however, the person does not know that he or she is ill. There is always a need for screening, information, and prevention of cancer, especially before it develops.

Chest pain is an indication of volume

Not applicable in all cases. As a rule, cancer does not cause pain, especially when it is not large. Pain usually develops in very advanced stages so the person is habitually aware of it. Pain is not tumor proof. In most cases it is period pain, from contraceptives, inflammation, being pressed somewhere at that point, etc.

Breast augmentation increases the chance

No, there has been no correlation between prostate cancer and tumor appearance.

Deodorants are carcinogenic

This has not been proven at the level of research, experiments, clinical studies, etc.

Cancer surgery is spreading it

 Specialist surgeons know how to remove cancers without spreading cancer to other organs and sites. Surgery is often the cancer treatment. Especially in surgery cases, doctors know exactly how to protect the rest of the body from cancer.

I’m too young to worry about breast cancer.

Although it is a fact that the risk of developing breast cancer increases as we age, all women have the risk of getting the disease. This does not mean, of course, that this risk has a high or low probability of being confirmed. But there it is.

Doing annual mammograms puts me at risk of radiation

At age 40, a mastectomy per year is capable of saving lives. Obviously it’s best to overlook the odds before something happens. However, ultrasound should not be used as a substitute for mammography. Mammography at younger ages is not used as a detection method. It is avoided.

If I don’t get something suspicious in my chest, I don’t go to the doctor

Badly. Because in order for a person to feel something while petting his chest, there is already a matter. The point is that the volume will be large enough to be able to touch it. The doctor would have been diagnosed months or even years ago if tests were performed.

Breast Cancer: The Most Dangerous Myths

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