Breast cancer risk are less Women who wake up early
Breast cancer risk are less Women who wake up early. So, sleeping more hours not good for your health. In addition, for every additional sleeping time of eight, the risk increases by an average of 20%.

Women who wake up early are less likely to develop breast cancer. This was in line with a new major British scientific study presented at an international conference on cancer in Glasgow.

Breast cancer risk are less Women who wake up early

The researchers, led by epidemiologist Dr Rebecca Richmond of the Cancer Research UK organization and the University of Bristol, analyzed data from more than 400,000 women, many of whom had been diagnosed with breast cancer. The finding was that morning types (also known as “owls”) had up to 40% less chance of cancer than evening types (also known as “owls”).


Still, women who sleep longer than the recommended 7-8 hours have an increased risk of breast cancer. Specifically, for every additional hour of sleep from eight, the risk increases by 20%. In contrast, insomnia does not appear to increase the risk of breast cancer.

Previous studies have shown that night shifts are associated with worse physical and mental health. However, researchers are examining why a woman’s sleep duration or habits are related to cancer.

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