Beware of eye injury – can cause serious complications

Beware of eye injury - can cause serious complications
Beware of eye injury – can cause serious complications. There are a number of typical summer injuries that may appear seemingly trivial, but which can cause considerable inconvenience. What to do in such cases and how to do first aid in eye injury is as effective as possible and can reduce the risk of later complications?
The most serious injuries are undoubtedly eye injuries that can occur easily during the summer, for example in summer sports (eg ball impact), handling with fire (flying sparks or burnt baking and grilling), injuries to the eye of a sharp branch climbing on a tree, but also due to sunlight.

First aid in eye injuries

When eye contact is a chemical, it is necessary to rinse the eye as quickly as possible under a large quantity of running water and then seek a specialist. Scratching in the eye, such as a branch from a tree when combing fruit, can heal well alone or at the recommendation of a physician using the eye ointment. Foreign objects in the eye and dirty objects, such as a wooden chip or a barely visible piece of metal, cause a lot of pain in the eye, but we should not try to take them out but prefer medical help immediately. The physician can usually easily handle this problem, and deprivation of the intruding object and pain can often be surprisingly quick.

Injury due to burns
Also, in the favorite barbecue and evening sitting by the fire, serious eye damage can be avoided if we do not exercise cautiously. Explosive carbon may enter or fall into the eye faster than we can perceive, resulting in burning of the eyelid, conjunctiva or cornea, which is the most sensitive spot in the human body. Burns, of course, cause a great pain in the eye area, often affecting the face.

Injury of the cornea may have permanent consequences

Corrosion of the cornea with hot carbon is extremely dangerous and can lead to permanent damage. It can cause a scar, which leads to a permanent deterioration in vision. When the infection is infected with the injured cornea, blindness is the ultimate consequence. In the smallest eye injury, it is absolutely essential to seek immediate medical attention immediately. Neither do we hesitate for long-term injuries, which we feel harmless, and postpone the visit of an ophthalmologist. Only there will be immediate treatment, which reduces the risk of long-term or even permanent eye damage.

Risks and prevention of eye diseases, injuries and injuries during the summer

In sports, especially cycling, it is advisable to protect the eyes with suitable glasses to prevent dust, flying particles and insects from entering the dense forests and tree branches.
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Human sunlight is also a major risk of excessive sunlight. Long-term exposure to intense sunlight can cause cataracts and, more rarely, damage to the retina. Dark glasses without a UV filter can be less damaging to the eyes than glasses. If you use contact lenses, bathing in both natural and chlorinated water will make it better to use those disposable and not to open your eyes when swimming under water without your glasses. Another risk in our swimming pools is the frequent occurrence of cyanobacteria. Swimming in water infested with cyanobacteria may cause conjunctivitis or corneal inflammation and the treatment of such inflammation is not easy. The resulting complications in treatment can cause permanent damage to the eyes.

Beware of eye injury – can cause serious complications

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