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Best exercises for core muscles

Best exercises for core muscles. For many years physicians have forbidden physical exercise for people with multiple sclerosis. Some patients have worsened the symptoms of the disease. Saved energy should also supposedly support the management of day-to-day activities. However, these times are irretrievably gone. Physicians are recommending the motion today – but only properly dosed.

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Best exercises for core muscles and body

Bone management, depression, fatigue, cardiovascular disease, reduced muscle mass – problems associated with lack of movement have been reported in many people with multiple sclerosis. Together with the symptoms of the disease, these difficulties make a major contribution to the reduced quality of life of patients. They are partly caused by the disease itself, but often also by reduced physical activity. And just problems caused by lack of movement can be alleviated by the right exercise. However, it should always be done under the close supervision of an expert.

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How to bend the body 

  • Before starting physical activity, consultation with the attending physician and rehabilitation specialist is necessary first.
  • People with multiple sclerosis should combine endurance training with resistance training because their difficulties arise from disorders of the cardiovascular and muscular systems.
  • During training, it is advisable to perform 8-15 repetitions in 1-3 series. Between each series should be a 2-4 minute rest. Intensity can be increased over time (after consultation with an expert).
  • According to the studies, the patients are well tolerated 2-3 times per week. The worsening of the Erescus symptoms in relation to movement is only transient, but it is necessary to thoroughly prevent overheating of the organism.
  • In endurance training, the heart rate should be in the range of 60-80% of the maximum heart rate.
  • Depending on the degree of disability, it is recommended to start an activity for 10-40 minutes in one endurance exercise. After several months, tolerance may increase the training dose.
  • It is also important to relax. Between each strength and endurance training should be a rest period of 24-48 hours.

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