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Benefits of honey in cosmetics

Benefits of honey in cosmetics. There are these assets or components that we do not suspect the great properties especially in cosmetics, and yet simple ingredients such as honey are ultra beneficial for our skin.

The virtues of honey are incredibly numerous. It hydrates the skin thanks to its high sugar content, which facilitates the fixation of water molecules. Honey also soothes sensitive skin because it is anti-irritant. It also has softening and regenerative properties because it is very rich in minerals, vitamins, and amino acids.  

Purify properties of Honey

Ideal especially for oily skin, it will help clean but especially to unclog oily skin. Choose raw honey, preferably organic, which does not alter the quality of purifying enzymes.  

Our advice to use honey :

Once a week, apply a thick layer on the areas to be treated then remove the excess with a cotton soaked in soft lotion.  

Energizing properties of honey

This ingredient contains sugar, B vitamins, trace elements, anti-oxidants, enzymes, amino acids, mineral salts … But also, it is important to provide these nutrients to the skin and the hair fiber.

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Our advice to use honey:

For the skin, you can apply treatments composed of honey in daily treatment, you can also make cures dietary supplements to act from the inside. Regarding the contribution to the hair fiber, it is sufficient to make masks based on honey. In addition to effectively nourishing the hair, it will make it soft, shiny, slightly lightened, and bright.

Healing properties of honey

This ingredient will be the ally of acne skin. It will also be ideal to prevent wrinkles and fine lines. This method will be perfect for people who can not find a classic treatment to soothe and heal their skins.

Our advice :

Prefer thyme honey and apply locally as an adjunct, for example in the evening before going to bed, put a pinch of honey on each scar and let the honey act on your skin.

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