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Bathing for regeneration

Bathing for regeneration. The art of invigorating bathing is not a question of money, but of knowledge: of the effects of flowers and fruit acids, herbal extracts and essential oils, milk and honey.

With the right bath products, everyone can recreate their wellness experience every day.

Milk bath: gentle and sensual

Milk, applied externally, can be tolerated by everyone. As a bath additive, it prevents the skin from being degreased too much and soothes irritated skin.

Wheat bran, which is a waste product in the production of flour, contains numerous minerals and vitamins. It has anti-inflammatory and healing properties, makes the water soft and the skin velvety.

Rose bath: invigorating and soothing

Roses are anti-inflammatory and strengthening, astringent and aphrodisiac. And they soothe the skin. Madame Pompadour, the mistress of Louis XV, used only rose water instead of water for facial care. It should help especially against enlarged broken veins.

Bubble bath: mood-enhancing

Bubble baths are said to offer a pleasantly relaxing, even mood-enhancing bath experience.

Lemon bath: fragrant and soothing

Applied externally, added lemon in bathwater smoothes the oily and normal skin gently bleaches freckles and skin spots and heals blemishes. Lemon is said to tighten the neck, décolleté and breasts.

Mallow bath: soothing and protective

As different types of mallow look like – their effects are always similar: they are ideal for the care of impure and oily skin, relieve skin inflammation, even mild sunburn. And they make the skin soft.

Questions and answers about bath essences

If you still think that a bath with essential oils or with fresh flowers and fruits is a superstitious spectacle, you only have to ask the right questions once:

Why are the essences called essential oils?

Etheric means were heavenly. They shouldn’t really be called oils, because these oils have nothing to do with fatty oils such as jojoba oil and walnut, olive oil or soybean oil: they are volatile and hardly anyone leaves a stain.

Why do essential oils have to cost so much?

Because they are precious. It often takes several baskets of flowers to make a tiny bottle of real essence. If essential oils are very cheap, they are made synthetically.

But then is a full bath with such additives priceless for normal earners?

No, because a few drops are enough for an entire tub. For an aromatherapeutic effect, it is enough to put a few drops on the water surface, close the door and the windows and then breathe in the fragrance that rises from the warm water.

Can’t you buy bath foam, salt or oil with real essential oils?

The trade offers bath oils that contain essential oils, but mostly artificial ones for cost reasons.

Isn’t it possible to make your own bath oil with real natural essences?

Yes, and very easily. If you are acting as a bathroom mixer, you only have to add natural emulsifiers to the essences, then they mix with the water. Mixed with cream, milk or honey, the mixtures get an additional care effect.

Bathing for regeneration

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