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Are you sleeping a lot? You should probably stop

Are you sleeping a lot? You should probably stop. We have long been aware of the effects of sleep deprivation on our health, but that does not mean that we should reach the other end, going beyond the established nine hours.

Experts have long warned us that sleep deprivation can cause high blood pressure as well as arterial thrombosis. This time, experts in China have found that long-lasting sleep is just as harmful to health.

Scientists at Huazhong University in China examined the sleep schedule of more than 30,000 participants, over 60, with the research lasting a total of six years. They found that all those who slept more than one and a half hours a day were 25% more likely to have a stroke than those who slept less. However, these chances decrease when you sleep for less than an hour a day.

Let’s See the reasons: Are you sleeping a lot? You should probably stop

Stroke risk

At the same time, study participants who slept for more than nine hours a night were 23% more likely than those who reached up to eight. People on the other hand, who slept a lot both during the day and at night, saw the chance of a stroke increasing, reaching as high as 85%. That’s way, Are you sleeping a lot? You should probably stop

Researchers believe that long rest hours disrupt the smooth flow of blood to the brain, causing cholesterol to build up in the arteries. They also report that long daytime rest is likely to indicate a sedentary lifestyle, another well-known factor that may cause, together with others, a stroke. “We need further research to understand the link between stroke and prolonged sleep,” study author Xiaomin Zhang said.

Increased hours, increased risk

“Previous studies, however, have shown that long-term sleep has led to adverse changes in cholesterol levels as observed and increased waist circumference in those who are asleep,” he adds. “These results underline the importance of controlling the hours we sleep since we get more rest when we sleep less,” she explains. “Long hours of sleep are not equivalent to quality sleep, which we all need to keep in mind, especially older adults,” he concludes.

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