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Aloe vera cosmetic properties

Aloe vera cosmetic properties. You are probably familiar with aloe vera as a popular indoor plant and as the substance that immediately relieves you from sunburn. However, its uses are not limited to these.

The use of aloe begins around 2200 BC. with its beneficial properties being known in Persia, Egypt, ancient Greece, Rome, India, and Africa, while today it is widely used in cosmetic compositions.

In terms of its beauty benefits, aloe vera acts as a natural healing agent thanks to the abundance of antioxidants, enzymes, and vitamins A and C it contains. Also, thanks to its composition, aloe penetrates deep into the skin, while enhancing the growth of new cells, improves tissue function, heals wounds, and offers antifungal and anti-inflammatory action.

Therefore, if you are looking for natural, environmentally friendly skin care alternatives, it is worth trying. But keep in mind that natural does not automatically mean safe. Some people may have skin allergies from hypersensitivity, so before applying any material or product to your face, it is a good idea to first do a test on your hand to make sure you do not have a negative reaction.

Once you “pass the test”, you are lucky because aloe has many uses. So let’s see how you can incorporate it into your beauty routine.

* As a moisturizer

Its water-rich leaves in combination with beneficial plant compounds make aloe vera an effective moisturizing face cream. This explains why you will see it in the ingredient lists in many “soothing” and “moisturizing” face creams. Its light composition and healing properties make it an ideal product for dehydrated skin.

* As a topical treatment for pimples

Aloe vera can help treat acne, but keep in mind that it works better on superficial pimples than on cystic or deeper pimples. Therefore, if you have an annoying pimple, try applying a little aloe topically to reduce inflammation.

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* As a make-up remover product

Aloe vera is a good alternative to oil-based makeup remover products. The skin on our face, especially around our eyes, is considered one of the most sensitive parts of the skin, and aloe, due to its moisture, can easily and gently remove makeup without irritating the skin.

* As aftershave

As mentioned earlier, aloe vera is commonly used to help and soothe burns and this includes shaved skin. Aloe vera can provide immediate relief – especially around the bikini area where it tends to be worse for most women.

* For swelling under the eyes

With its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, aloe can also be great for removing puffiness in the area under the eyes. Gently apply the gel under your eyes to improve circulation, reduce fluid accumulation, and reduce swelling. Bonus tip: keep the gel in the fridge in advance, for a feeling of coolness and a better result.

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