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7 ways to quit smoking without getting fat

7 ways to quit smoking without getting fat. Quitting smoking is one of the greatest gifts we can make to ourselves. Throwing the package in the trash forever improves both our health and our finances – within a year we can save over € 1500. However, like most things that are good for us, it is not an easy task. Some of the annoying side effects that smokers face during this process are their nervousness and weight gain. Fortunately for you, we have seven suggestions for you to avoid at least the second.

7 tricks to quit smoking without gaining weight

Throw it in the gym

Nicotine tends to increase our metabolism. This means that when you quit smoking, you will burn fewer calories than you have previously. However, if you replace it with exercise, you will not only boost your metabolic rate but also do so in a much – but much – healthier way. At the same time, your body will detoxify faster than nicotine and will more effectively cope with these difficult first weeks.

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Enjoy your meal

One of the first things you will notice a few days after your last cigarette is that your taste will gradually begin to find its old good. And of course, this is very enjoyable, but you risk increasing the amount of food you consume to celebrate it! Instead, try to eat slowly and enjoy each bite as it deserves. This will also give your body the time it takes to realize that it has been full.

Keep your hands busy

Cigarettes are not addictive just because of the substances they contain: Above all, it is a long-standing habit. That’s why it’s hard to get it out of our lives from day tonight. Some former smokers find solace in the rosary, while others throw it at the … knitting. Another option, especially for office hours or at home, is to cut vegetables such as carrots or cucumbers in a stick so that their shape resembles a cigarette.

Snap something (very) light

The main reason you catch yourself wanting to eat something all the time is that you were used to having your hands and mouth permanently occupied with a cigarette. Now that this has come out of the equation, eating is the easiest consolation. There is no reason to deprive her. You just have to make the right choices. Choose low-calorie snacks, such as butter-free popcorn, so you can consume large quantities without fat.

Get on

Quitting smoking is often accompanied by a peculiar … mysticism. There are many reasons not to share this happy news, most notably our fear of losing our loved ones by lighting a cigarette again. We partially agree with this logic: For example, we suggest that you tell your mom when you make sure you are on the right track. However, talking to your peers about this will be a valuable help. They may be the ones to keep you from smoking the next night’s exit or you may just be ashamed to read again after your … proclamations that you stopped it forever.

Drink plenty of water

In the first few days, the water will help you get rid of nicotine. It will then inflate you enough to overtake the cigarettes you miss in the absence of the cigarette. It probably won’t succeed every time, but you lose nothing if you try to drink a glass of water before you make a… refrigerator raid.

Don’t think about it more than you should

No matter how much you try to avoid it, it is possible to gain some extra weight. And the end of the world has not come. First of all, most (former) smokers do not gain more than 5-6 pounds, which will be very easy to lose when your body gets used to the new condition. The most important; Even if you can’t get rid of them, smoking cessation affects your health much more than a few extra pounds.

7 ways to quit smoking without getting fat

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