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6 Foods good for Iron deficiency anemia

6 Foods good for Iron deficiency anemia. Iron deficiency anemia – According to statistics, every fifth person. At risk are: school-age children, pregnant women and those who work hard. If you feel headaches, dizziness, and weakness at the end of the day, get a blood test. You may have anemia.

There are iron-containing products and I will tell you more about them:

1. Pumpkin seeds, sesame, sunflower

  • 100 grams per day – daily norm
  • Eat in moderation, even excess is not good. Eat little by little and regularly.

2. Buckwheat

  • 100 grams per day – 50 percent of the daily norm
  • If you prepare properly, you will get an iron daily norm. Do not eat with milk and dairy products. It is better to eat green buckwheat. The darker the color, the more it is roasted and loses its useful properties.

3. Nuts

  • 100 grams per day – 30 percent of the daily norm
  • Most nuts are rich in iron. Psta contains the most iron, peanuts and almonds. A little less – nuts, cashews and cedar nuts.

4. Beef

  • 100 grams per day – 25 percent of the daily norm
  • White meat (chicken) contains less iron. It is better to eat beef.

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5. Spinach

  • 100 grams per day – 10 percent of the daily norm
  • Because of its minerals and vitamins, spinach is included in all diets. You can add it to salads, meat and fish dishes, sandwiches and even cocktails.

6. Canned tuna

  • 100 grams per day – 10 percent of the daily norm
  • You can not buy it live and it is better to eat it canned or frozen. Serve with rye bread and herbs.

Tip: The

body has difficulty absorbing iron if you are deficient in vitamin C and folic acid. In addition, the absorption of iron is inhibited by tea and coffee, dairy and cereal products. Therefore, try not to drink coffee and tea for 1 hour before and after eating.

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