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5 signs of lack of vitamins

5 signs of lack of vitamins. The problem of vitamin deficiency is particularly important. Without vitamins, we feel weak and become easy targets for various viruses.

However, there are often signs of a lack of vitamins that can alert us and help us prevent the worst.

Try to understand what your body wants to tell you either through dry hair, pale skin and pale lips.

5 signs of lack of vitamins

So look at what are the signs of vitamin deficiency that literally appear on your face and not only.

Excessively pale skin

Few people can boast that they maintained a good tan until the end of winter. But if your skin has become completely pale compared to what it normally is, this is a sign that you are missing vitamin B12. Without it, you feel tired and tired. To restore the right level of this vitamin, you need to eat more meat and seafood.

Dry hair

Dry, brittle hair that is covered in a large amount of dandruff could be a sign that you are missing biotin, also known as vitamin B7. This is often the result of antibiotic use. To increase B7 levels, you should eat meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, and legumes more often. And forget about starting a diet for a while.

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Swollen eyes

If you have swelling around your eyes and extremities, your body could be lacking iodine. The most common source of this is iodide. Iodine is also found in seafood (lobster, shrimp, seaweed), dairy products, and even in bread.

Pale lips

Pale lips can be a sign that you are missing iron. Low blood pressure and the common cold can also have this sign. Getting back to a healthy level is not difficult. You just have to eat more red meat and skip eating high calcium foods for a while.

Blood gums

Bleeding gums can show a deficiency of vitamin C, which can lead to weak immune, muscle pain and tooth problems. Vitamin C is found in citrus fruits and red peppers.

It is important to remember that these are only indirect signs of vitamin deficiency. If you have noticed any of the above in yourself, see a doctor to get a more specific and valid diagnosis.

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