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5 reasons to eat eggs

5 reasons to eat eggs. Western experts rush, argue about the return of eggs in our diet. It turns out that their bad reputation over the years has been something of a misunderstanding. In fact, in this small 70-calorie container there are a lot of things that are truly indispensable for health. So if you have avoided eggs so far, catch five reasons to return them to the diet:
Lets see 5 reasons to eat eggs…

1. Egg – one of the cheapest sources of protein

Whatever eggs you choose: in the store or organic on the market, they are very cheap compared to other products. Each egg has 6 grams of high-quality protein – and this means that it contains all the amino acids that you should get from food, just like in meat.
Protein (or protein) is considered the most “saturating” (compared to fats and carbohydrates). And remember that about half of all protein mass is in the yolk, and only the remaining half in the protein.

2. They remain saturated almost until dinner.

Scrambled eggs for breakfast saturates longer than breakfast on the basis of cereals, such as pancakes and bagels. Usually, people who ate eggs for breakfast had a lower level of hunger hormone circulating in the blood and ordered smaller meals than those who had a bagel.

3. They protect your eyes from harmful light.

Eggs are rich in lutein, a vitamin that helps eyesight remain clear and clear. In humans, lutein is located in the retina and lens of the eye and is closely associated with zeaxanthin. They protect the eyes from oxidative stress and macular degeneration, the leading cause of vision loss. Also, lutein is our protection against damage to everyday “blue light”, which is emitted by smartphones, tablets and computers. Although research on blue light is still underway, specials suggest that it can contribute to the development of cancer and eye diseases. Egg lutein is in the yolk – this is another reason to eat the whole egg.

4. Cholesterol in the egg does not clog arteries

For decades, eggs were blamed for crimes that they did not commit, namely, raising cholesterol and, accordingly, increasing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Now it is clear that the cholesterol contained in foods such as eggs and seafood is not a danger that must be avoided. In fact, in one egg is the daily rate of cholesterol, but the trick is that it is there in a non-oxidized form, harmless, so to speak. Cholesterol itself is a completely neutral fat-like substance, not even fat in its purest form. But if this substance is combined with simple carbohydrates, then cholesterol plaques begin to form.

5. Eggs help you maintain muscle mass.

We begin to lose muscle mass at the age of about 30 years and continue to do so, losing as much as 5% in the top ten! Loss of muscle can provoke weakness, reduce stamina. Exercise, especially strength training, will help keep some muscles, but the intake of enough protein in the diet is also key. Eggs containing high-quality protein repairs muscles after exercise and helps rebuild them.
Dinesh Gamage
Dinesh Gamage
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  1. This article only elaborate positive side. How about negative effects eating egs? Can you mentioned that one also.


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