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5 Effective Firming Exercises for the Whole Body

5 Effective Firming Exercises for the Whole Body. As the new year draws near, many of us will aim to look after our bodies in 2020. This, of course, requires proper exercise to get a healthy and healthy body. But what are the proper bodybuilding exercises?

Especially when our time is limited, we look for exercises that work throughout the body and not in individual muscle groups. This means that with exercises that combine the workout of different muscle groups we can achieve full-body stimulation. To discover 5 effective bodybuilding exercises

5 Effective Firming Exercises for the Whole Body

1. Burpees

The burpees are a combined exercise is considered quite demanding as it requires the involvement of many muscle groups. The steps to perform this are as follows: starting from an upright position I descend into a low seat, placing your hands in front of the floor. Then shake your legs back to a plank position and do a push-up. Then bring your feet forward and lift up, repeating the circle from the beginning.

2. Plank

The board is a miraculous exercise that simultaneously exercises abdominalbackbuttocksquadriceps, and shoulders. Lie on your face, rest on your toes and elbows and lift your body up in the air. To perform it properly you need to think that your body must create a straight line from head to foot. If you want to make the exercise even more demanding try getting up on the palms rather than the elbows. You may feel your belly and feet trembling, but it’s definitely worth it!

3. Seat with hands

Can the seats or squats are known to exercise the legs and buttocks, but with addition can be made ideal exercise for the upper body. So open your legs in the opening of the basin and bend them, as if getting ready to sit on a chair. Make sure your knees do not exceed the toes so they do not overburden. To fit your hands into the exercise, keep them straight in front of you as you sit. If you want to make the exercise difficult, you can hold a pole, a dumbbell or kettlebells

4. Box jumps

The box jumps is a strenuous exercise, in which you can burn many calories. To run it you will need a box or any other object of the same height that is fixed. The steps are simple: jump onto the box and land with both feet in the seat. Then he jumped again under the box and repeated. If your knees are delicate of course you better avoid this exercise as the vibrations will overwhelm them.

5. Push ups

The push-ups wrongly considered mainly a male activity and are a nightmare for us women. They may actually be demanding properly but they work the whole body: chest, shoulders, back, belly, buttocks, even legs. To start off the board with your arms outstretched and your shoulders above your palms. Then bend your hands until your chest rests against the floor and stretch them to return. It may be a classic exercise, but its effects are sure

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