Cannabis: It damages the fertility of women and men

Cannabis: It damages the fertility of women and men. Researchers from the University of London, Ontario and Canada argue that cannabis is directly linked to reduced sperm count, reduced ovulation and reduced chance of conception.

Studies have shown that the THC of cannabis acts not only on brain receptors but also on the reproductive organs of men and women, reducing the chance of conception.

Cannabis: It damages the fertility of women and men, how is it..?

Weakened sperm

Previous studies have found that sperm quality and male fertility can be adversely affected by marijuana use, with the latest 2018 research focusing on 400 men.
Specifically, the researchers examined sperm samples from 400 men who were tested for infertility.

Men who had used cannabis at least once showed sperm with reduced volume and less mobility, and their shape was abnormal, making it difficult to penetrate an egg.

Delay or no period

In an earlier study, researchers examined more than 200 women and found that occasional cannabis use was associated with delays in the menstrual cycle up to three and a half days.
At the same time, in cases of frequent use, it was observed that women had no ovulation at all, that is, there was no egg available for fertilization.

What Scientists Say

“Clearly, cannabis use also plays a role in fertility issues. However, we should not neglect other lifestyle-related factors, such as smoking and stress, that may affect fertility, “said Dr. Sara Ilnitsky, an endocrinologist focused on reproductive and infertility issues.

Although studies that have examined cannabis use are scarce, scientists suggest couples trying to conceive to reduce it and if one is using it therapeutically, then they should consult their physician about the benefits and consequences of using it. .

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