Yoga on vacation – rest for your body and soul

Yoga on vacation - rest for your body and soul
Yoga on vacation – rest for your body and soul. Yoga can be done almost anywhere, yet most of us are constantly practicing in one place. Occasional change of environment, however, brings a higher level of stimulation and excitement.


The healing effects of yoga have already been heard by everyone. Exercises that help resolve different muscle disbalances, spinal anomalies caused by improper body posture or breathing difficulties have become part of many rehabilitation exercises.

His undisputed advantage is also timelessness and the opportunity to attend to virtually anywhere, even on holidays. The combination of yoga and exotic environment allows for new levels of mental harmony. Be inspired by the Go2 travel offer , which brings you an unusual yogic experience.

Vietnam – Join Exercise and Cognition

Vietnam offers plenty of opportunities not only for beginners but also for advanced yogis. The first to be named will surely enchant the city of Hoi An, where you can visit the hours of Astana and Hatha yoga. If you do not like the idea of ​​practicing in meditation facilities, you can try yoga lessons with an instructor on adjacent beaches and terraces with charming views of rice fields. For example, a combination of travel, knowledge, and exercises is provided by Yoga Tour in Vietnam.   More advanced yogis will appreciate visiting Da Lat’s largest yoga center in Vietnam, which also offers courses for future lecturers. A local specialty is then the meditation in the surrounding pine groves, which will give you a glimpse into the hardships of everyday life. Bali – practice on the beaches and between the rice fields

Bali has recently been one of the most popular holiday destinations among tourists, yet still, there are quiet places like yoga exercises. Your intellectual cleansing will be attended by experienced lecturers who will devote you to the secrets of yoga in the Yogi Center of Ubud and the surrounding sandy beaches. With the Yoga trip to Bali, you will experience not only yoga exercises but also meditation and traditional Balinese massages that perfectly regenerate your body. But what would be regeneration if we did not get the best of our taste buds? A cup of local cobblestones will surely satisfy even the most discerning coffee lovers. India – Visit the real cradle of yoga

A unique experience for all yoga lovers will undoubtedly be a visit to India. Under the guidance of lecturer Linda Michnn in Yoga India, you are practicing in the famous town of Mysore, located in the south of the Indian Peninsula. However, you will not miss the visit of the legendary Taj Mahal, the colonial jewel of India, the city of Hoa, or the experience associated with Ayurvedic massage. Memories of the waking Indian sun, a fresh sea breeze, and gentle sand rubbing bare feet will undoubtedly fill your mind during exercise and long months after returning from an unforgettable Yogi holiday.

Yoga on vacation – rest for your body and soul

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