The worst pork meats for the line

The worst pork meats for the line
The worst pork meats for the line. The deli platter makes you look sweet? Do you want a slice of toast with rillettes or sausage?
Even if you know that cold cuts have a bad reputation for their caloric intake, that they are unsavory for the line, you can not resist the temptation. Focus on those that may greatly increase your total caloric intake.

At the top of the poster: salami

Its large slices and round seasoned with a mixture of spices and herbs are highly appreciated as an aperitif or for sandwich breaks but they are also highly caloric.
Salami is not your slimming ally. Far from there. Indeed, it holds the palm palm on the shelves of the most caloric deli meats , blithely displaying 480 to 580 Cal / 100 g and some 45% of lipids. It’s the explosion on the clock.
It deserves its place occasionally given its protein content (18%) but not enough. Some traditionally grown varieties contain less fat and more protein. If you’re a discerning gourmet , focus on quality.

The chorizo ​​enemy of the drink?

We like to share this Hispanic specialty with a spicy taste between fire and sweetness, as an aperitif in slices or dices, very popular also in tapas version. On the calorie side, it offers you some 477 Cal / 100g with a high fat content (42%) so it deserves its reputation for being high in fat. The pleasure must be then occasional.
A quick tip at first glance  : the more meat you have, the better the product exudes quality.
But everything is not negative in chorizo ​​because it holds a very interesting protein content (21%), vitamins of group B.

Rillettes: a record of fat

Indeed, with its 40% fat, rillettes have a high caloric density (about 430 Cal / 100 g). Know that if you consume 100 g, and you get there easily, you consume practically half of your fat intake of the day.
Even if they contain a little more unsaturated fatty acids than saturated fatty acids and they have a good protein content (15% on average) this is not a reason to let go without restriction.
Also, remember to remove the layer of white fat to limit the intake of saturated fats harmful to your cardiovascular health. It is visible, you can not miss it.

The dry sausage in moderation

Not without nutritional virtues such as an excellent protein content (26%), it is nonetheless a lipid reservoir (34 to 35%). Like rillettes, it is richer in good fats than in bad fats .
It is often presented in thin slices on a tray (weighing between 5 to 10 g) so do not avoid it but simply limit the amount of slices to 4 or even 5 slices. This pleasure in slices represents a calorie intake of 165 to 205 Cal.

The worst pork meats for the line

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