Light exercise helps you better deal with cancer treatment

Light exercise helps you better deal with cancer treatment
Light exercise helps you better deal with cancer treatment. Scientific studies confirm that physical activity is one of the best ways to treat yourself in the treatment of cancer. Hours of work in the gym or marathon run are of course not on the agenda, but regular exercise is definitely good to include in your daily activities.


Less fatigue, more energy

Research has confirmed that mild exercise not only harm the treatment of cancer but rather vice versa. Patients who had regular movements reported up to 50% less fatigue, which is another typical symptom of oncology therapy. Ideal aerobic activities or lighter exercises to strengthen your muscles. Exercise strengthens the muscles and promotes the mobility of joints that can be weakened after hospitalization due to surgery. In addition, the cardiovascular system improves and improves mood while moving. A positive factor is also maintaining body weight – fat patients are converted into muscles, which is important for overall fitness. It has been confirmed that significant weight gains are associated with a more frequent return of the disease.

To make sense
An exercise to really thrive includes three components:


  • aerobic exercises that revive the heart – brisk walking, running, swimming, cycling,
  • Strengthening Strengthening Muscles – exercises with flexible rubber band, light weights,
  • stretching to maintain flexible muscles and joints.

Do not overdo it!

If you are not sure whether any activity is suitable for you, talk to your doctor. Start gently and increase the load slowly. Even 10 minutes of walking can be a good start, depending on your current condition. Be cautious, however, too much effort might be more damaging. Exported individuals should consciously moderate the intensity of their activities. It is advisable to achieve at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise 5 times a week. What to do to ensure success?

  • Instead of half an hour of exercise, try three shorter walks during the day.
  • Invite a friend or play music for training.
  • Drink plenty of fluids.
  • The body can also stretch gardening and homework.
  • Yoga and secrets are more suitable for aerobics than for aerobics.
  • During the irradiation do not go to the pool – chlorine and possibly bacteria irritated skin will not benefit.
  • Listen to your body, and if you are wrong, skip the exercise.

Light exercise helps you better deal with cancer treatment

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