Red Beet – A neglected well of health

Red Beet - A neglected well of health
Red Beet – A neglected well of health. We all know her, but few take it seriously. It has become a delicacy for the wealthy patricians of the Roman Empire, but also for the livelihood of the poor. The history of beetroot simply goes back to antiquity. If we wanted to describe all of her healing properties, it would take a few pages.
Often, people do not know how to prepare the beets, so they buy it picked. She already has health but little to do with it. We have a good news for you: With one organic teaspoon Organic Beta, you can add everything to your body in three to four glasses of pressed beet juice! Additionally, it is grown according to the principles of organic farming, and thus boasts a BIO quality certificate. 
Thanks to the rich variety of minerals it balances the strangeness of the organism. We find beta-carotene , vitamins C , B2 , B9 , a very powerful antioxidant vitamin E , potassium , calcium , iron , magnesium , silicon, copper , valuable iodine , selenium , manganese . It also contains pectin, which reduces LDL-cholesterol in the blood and regulates intestinal peristalsis. Besides beta-carotene, it is rich in betain and betanin. Betain acts as a preventative against cancer while supporting the liver.
Betanin strengthens the vascular walls, preventing premature bleeding and bruising. It is also attributed to the bacteriostatic effect, which eliminates the proliferation of dangerous bacteria. Rapeseed juice can be administered to anemic and oncological patients, we will support the overall detoxification of the organism. It is also often recommended during pregnancy, it helps healthy baby growth and prevents developmental defects. Bean is simply power. Toxins and bacteria in our body will not cheer much, but every cell is glad to jump!

Red Beet – A neglected well of health

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