How to protect your eyes…?

How to protect your eyes…? Have you ever looked at something as if you were looking at your eyes? You never wondered about your eyes. Many people forget it. Then you can just keep forgetting your eyes and your eyes.

01. For good eyesight, eat the right things.

You may not have thought this about it. But what you eat and drink really helps the sight of your eyes. The nutritional ingredients in foods, such as Omega 3 fatty acid, lutein, and vitamin C and its nutrients, Eyes can help keep you from moving away from eye problems. Green vegetables, salmon/tuna wax Tightly fish, oranges and eggs can be described as the nutrient-rich food.

02. Use of sunglasses.

Many people like it all in the long run, but it’s very important to take care of what is called a quality sunglasses. It’s like a high-quality vacuum cleaner that protects your eye from pleasing ultraviolet light. Exposure to ultraviolet light, your eye, and eye yellow eye You may also be appointed to the risks, such as destruction.

03. Use of computers

Protect your eyes… from computers. You can look for a long time on a computer screen and it can be harmful to your eyes. This may be due to a lot of tiredness, eyesight, eye contact, eye irritation, headache, and neck, back, and shoulder pain. Just when you’re working on a computer, look at a distance 20 times every 20 secs. It makes your eye feel like a break. And if you’re just getting excited at the time you’re up and running, you can take a break and restart every 2 hours every 15 minutes and then work again if you start working.

04. Get away from smoking

Smoking causes you to know that our body’s health is harmful in every way. That’s why you can get dangers from the eye, cataracts, and destruction of the yellow syrup. So try to get out of this bad habit.

05. Cleaning of spectacles

This is very important. It is necessary to clean your eyesight for two and a half seconds. You can be careful of the pollutants that can cause you to evacuate dust particles in the mirror and remove it from your eyes. For the skin and allergies, clean is more important.

How to protect your eyes…?

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