How to care your skin from your hand

How to care your skin from your hand. We are doing many things with our faces. However, because of ignorance, our physical condition is damaged. The mistake that we miss are losing our beauty. 

01. How do you wash your face..?

Do not Scrubbing your face unnecessarily. Because it will cause you to lose your skin. If you are doing it regularly your skin will be loose abnormally. Another thing do not use various colorful soap, Always try to use face wash. its help to conduct your natural skin. if you are using hot water to wash your face, it will ham full for your dry skin.

Because hot water open pimples holes on your skin and implement to increase pimples. Do not forget to wash your face before going to bed at night time. Dirty skin help to increase bacteria growth and pimples.

02. How do you wipe your face…?

It should be done slowly. If you wipe roughly, your skin becomes more loose and abnormal. Always use a clean towel. Cotton towel more suitable for it.   

03. What kind of Cream apply for your skin…?

If you’re using a fairness cream that’s supposed to be a good one, then you’re wrong with the cream that the actresses say is good for the TV. You need to put your skin in the right type of cream. There are separate creams for oily skin, dry skin, and ordinary skin. Be careful when buying a cream. Always try to use herbal cream.

04. What is your food pattern..?

Eat vegetables, fruits, and leafy vegetables away from cutlets, roasted foods. Fast foods like biscuits to remove from your food pattern. Take a balanced meal. Reduce the use of hot foods such as shrimp, crabs. Drink 2 liters of water per day. Reduce the take tea, coffee beverage and drink beverages like serum, belly flowers, nellies, barley. It makes the skin look shiny.

05. What are you do for your pimples..?

Many of them try to break when they see pimples. But it can grip the germs of your hands. Also, the faces of the face and scars of the face are scarred.  

06. Take enough sleep at night.

07. Do not keep Makeup and Foundation a long time.

08. Always use an umbrella when you are walking on a sunny day.

How to care your skin from your hand

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