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10 Tips To Lower Your Cholesterol

10 Tips To Lower Your Cholesterol
10 Tips To Lower Your Cholesterol: If your cholesterol level tend to go up, you can find ways to lower it, without medication, with good nutrition, exercise and many effective tips.

It doesn’t cause symptoms, it doesn’t bother, it doesn’t hurt, but the harm it can do to us is high. It is one of the most important risk factors for cardiovascular problems. To prevent the effects of high cholesterol, we need to make changes in our lifestyle. So we suggest 10 Tips To Lower Your Cholesterol, if you follow them, you will soon see the indicators of “bad” cholesterol fall and those of “good” cholesterol.

10 Tips To Lower Your Cholesterol

1. Weight Loss

If you lose 5-10% of your body weight, cholesterol can be reduced by up to 18% and “good” cholesterol can rise by up to 27%. So check your weight and if it is increased start losing about 1 kg a week.

2. Adopt a balanced diet

A diet that includes at least 2-3 fruits, 1 large salad and 1 handful of unsalted nuts a day, 2 times a week fish, 2 chicken or turkey, 2-3 times legumes and fat, 1 time in 2 weeks of red meat where you have remove visible fat and 3 servings of dairy per day (low in fat) contributes to the lowest possible intake of cholesterol compatible with a balanced diet. In addition, in a balanced diet, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats help reduce cholesterol slightly, while not affecting or, according to other researchers, slightly elevating HDL (“good” cholesterol) levels.

So it is advisable for monounsaturated fat to reach up to 20% and polyunsaturated to 10% of the total calories in your daily diet, with bad saturated fat not to exceed 7%. In other words, olive oil should be the main source of fat in your diet. In addition to olive oil, other sources of good fats are fish, avocado, tahini, sesame, and almonds.

3. Eat plenty of fiber

Vegetables or dietary fiber, as they are called, come from plant foods. According to research, solvents play a beneficial role in lowering cholesterol. It is important, therefore, that your diet be enriched with foods that give at least 20-25 grams. fiber daily to achieve lower cholesterol. So say ‘yes’ to fruits, vegetables, paddy rice, nuts and whole grains.

4. Exercise

another Tip To Lower Your Cholesterol is exercise. Thirty minutes of aerobic exercise (eg walking, biking, etc.) a day can increase your “good” cholesterol levels. However, in order to be effective, exercise must be systematic, ie at least 4-5 times a week and not once a month.

5. Download Speed

According to studies, stress can affect the rate of cholesterol metabolism. Another reason, then, is to get rid of, as far as possible, anything that annoys you and makes you lose your sleep.

6. Quit smoking

Research has shown that smokers have higher cholesterol levels than non-smokers. Smoking also lowers “good” (HDL) cholesterol levels. So throw away the package as quickly as possible and the changes you will see in your health will be noticeable from the very first moment.

7. Drink in moderation

Alcohol in small quantities (1-2 glasses of wine a day) helps increase
HDL, the “good” cholesterol. Conversely,
increased alcohol consumption increases triglycerides, which adversely affect HDL values. Those who, in fact, have high triglycerides should not drink alcohol at all!

8. Don’t forget to measure it

Cholesterol must be measured in every person over 18 years of age. If it is within the desired limits, then a repeat measurement every 5 years is sufficient. If the values ​​are marginally normal, then an earlier measurement is needed. When exactly will the doctor tell you. If the price is high, then closer medical monitoring is needed, which will determine each time you are screened, depending on the other risk factors. Thorough glyceride testing is also required.

9. Get married

Research has shown that eating habits and, respectively, cholesterol levels vary depending on whether or not you are married. Married people are usually at a lower risk because they follow a more careful diet, while single people have worse eating habits and higher cholesterol levels than married people.

10. Study

According to the study “ATTICA”, conducted by the 1st Cardiology Clinic of the University of Athens School of Medicine and the Department of Nutrition and Nutrition Science of the University of Athens, and published in the journal Scientific Journal of European Journal of Nutrition with the social and educational level of the population. Specifically, people with low education have higher cholesterol levels, mainly due to their eating habits, compared to people with higher education.

Take it too low

The lower the levels of total and “bad” cholesterol and the higher the “good” cholesterol, the better for us, as it significantly reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. After all, even if we take in less cholesterol than we need, our health cannot be affected, because part of it makes up our liver. Let’s see when we should be worried and when not about cholesterol levels in our blood.

Total cholesterol

Normal value: Below 200 mg / dl
Limit value: 200-240 mg / dl
High value: From 240 mg / dl

hdl “Good” Cholesterol

Normal Price
For Men: Over 40 mg / dl
For Women: Over 50 mg / dl

LDL “Bad” Cholesterol

Normal Price: Below 130 mg / dl
Limit Value: 130-160 mg / dl
High Price: From 160 mg / dl

SOS Low LDL cholesterol should be below 100 mg / dl when coronary heart disease (eg myocardial infarction, by-pass, etc.), carotid arteriosclerosis, abdominal aortic aneurysm or diabetes mellitus. In some cases, the value of “bad” cholesterol should be below 70 mg / dl.
Note: mg / dl = milligrams per tenth of a liter of blood l

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