10 Tips to better organize your day

10 Tips to better organize your day. If you do not have time to finish your tasks, or you think you are entertaining too much, we propose 10 practical tips that will allow you to better organize your day to day, avoid stress and anxiety, and improve your well-being.

Let’s see 10 Tips to better organize your day

Have the agenda always at hand

Get an agenda and, as far as possible, always take it with you. Write down on it any appointment or task that may arise, so that you can know at a glance your plans for the week and avoid overlapping with other commitments. Write down all the relevant details, such as the day and hours you think you could devote to each issue. You can also use the mobile calendar for this, with different notices for each type of task (personal, professional, leisure …) and thus make sure you always have the information at hand. Ideally, look at it at least three times a day.

Review the tasks of the next day before bed

Taking ten minutes before bed to write down everything you need to do the next day is a good idea to go to bed with the peace of mind of knowing that everything is controlled and on the agenda. Try to prioritize tasks in order of importance. A good way to differentiate work or personal events is to distinguish them by colors. Another option, for analog lovers, is to use the Bullet Journal method, an agenda that we create every day, using bullets or symbols to differentiate tasks (boxes), notes (points) or appointments (circles). In this way, your subconscious will know that there is no loose end, and you can relax and enjoy a more restful sleep.

Keep the essentials together to avoid clipping

If you are one of those who, before leaving home, cannot find the keys or the wallet, a good trick is to assign a specific place to leave all the important things that you need to take with you. For example, place a decorative plate on the furniture of the hall and put there the keys, the wallet, the sunglasses, or any object with which you always go out. You will save time searching and avoid more than one scare.

No more than two movements

As Hideko Yamashita states in his book ‘ Dan-sha-ri: Order your life ‘ (Editorial Planeta, 2016), laziness appears when more than two movements are made to store or remove things. A good way to prevent it is to place clothes, objects, food, etc. so that they are easily accessible. The author herself gives us some advice, such as removing the lid to the box where we store tea bags or coffee capsules, and so you just have to open the drawer and take one. And, if they need to be closed, it is better to opt for tweezers than rubber.

Remove, organize and clean

Hideko Yamashita also urges us to think if the objects we have at home are really essential, to avoid conserving things that fill our rooms and cause a feeling of overwhelm that, although we do not notice it, influences our mood. The author advises to give the role to ourselves instead of objects, and eliminate all those junk we will not use. This way we can order the ones we do use (which will also be easier to locate), and this will allow us to clean our home faster and more efficiently.

Save with the KonMari method

How to find your lost energy

Marie Kondo has popularized in her book ‘The Magic of Order’ (Editorial Aguilar, 2015) her method of organizing the house, known as the KonMari method. To place the cabinets, the Japanese say that first, you have to get rid of what we do not use and then fold all the clothes that can be done vertically, leaving only the shirts and jackets hanging. This is achieved by folding everything in a common way and adding two more folds across the width, and placing them next to each other so you will enter much more in a drawer and you will have everything in sight. It is also advisable to put the dark colors at the bottom of the drawer and hang the bulkiest coats and jackets to the left of the closet.

The shopping list, easier than ever

If you want to go to the supermarket and do not forget anything, the best thing you can do is have a notebook or a paper with magnets and a pen in the fridge. Write down everything you spend at the moment and so everything will be in your shopping cart back. You can differentiate the type of food or product according to its category in different columns and thus you will save the tricks, the endless walks and the expensive maneuvers with the carts through the aisles of the super. Of course, you can do something similar with some of the mobile apps available to create and share shopping lists, like Buy Me on Foot or Bring.

Electronic reminders, a virtual help

If your memory tends to fail and you cannot check the agenda constantly, a good way to keep an eye on all your events is to delegate the notices to the electronic reminders (you can also use the alarms of the mobile or computer). Schedule them to notify you of appointments or tasks that you have to do about five minutes before, and so you will avoid being absorbed by watching television or the computer, and that time will ‘fly-by’ without you noticing. If you synchronize them on different devices (mobile, computer, smartwatch …) it will be easier for you to complete your programming.

DIY: your task board

Are you a handyman and do you like things done by yourself? The trend does it yourself (DIY) is increasingly known. Buy a magnetic board and paint on it four columns: the first one will be destined for the reservation, that is, for things you have to do; in the second, the most priority tasks, whether work or personal, such as a medical appointment, will be indicated. In the third column, the papers that include the action we are taking will be incorporated; and finally, in the last one, all the activities that have been concluded will be grouped. Include cards with descriptions with magnets, or use posters.

Applications to organize

In the mobile applications market, there are several whose main function is to help you in the organization. Wunderlist , which allows you to create notes and share them, very useful for group work; Google Keep, which allows you to create tasks, lists, pending ideas and reminders with notes, images or audios, share and review them on any device. Or Habitica, an app that treats your life as a role-playing game: when you create tasks and perform them correctly, you are rewarded with points – especially if they are healthy, like playing sports – and if you do not meet the deadlines it takes them away. A good way to motivate yourself to do everything on time.

Are you one of those who lament that “does not give them life” for everything? You may think that it is because professional and personal obligations accumulate, but … really, think about it for a second, do you know how to organize yourself well? And, structuring the day to day to cover everything we need or want to do in just 24 hours is not easy, it takes time and effort, but if you learn to establish guidelines everything is simplified and you get better results with less work.

Knowing how to prioritize and achieve all tasks on time can have a positive impact on your physical and psychological well-being; Of course, as long as the order does not become an obsession.

10 Tips to better organize your day

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