10 Scientific Discovery for Those Who Care for Health

10 Scientific Discovery for Those Who Care for Health
10 Scientific Discovery for Those Who Care for Health. Scientists have proven that hot tea can not be consumed, low light prevents us, and the fitness club has more bacteria than a public toilet. We’ve made 10 new discoveries. Draw your own conclusions.

What are the 10 Scientific Discovery for Those Who Care for Health

1. The brain turns 25 years old

It was previously thought that the brain began to age at age 40, but scientists at the University of Lancaster have proven that the brain begins to age at age 25.

2. There are more bacteria in the fitness club than in the public toilet

Hygienists have found more than 360 bacteria on the most commonly used gym simulator in one of the elite exercise rooms in the study, compared to a street toilet. 
On the toilet. Specialists advise to clean the simulators with antibacterial napkins, do not walk in the dressing room and do not wash hands after the workout.

3. You will fall in love if you fall asleep for more than 21 minutes

British scientists argue that the more a person sleeps, the less he or she is likely to eat the sweet. On average, if you sleep more than 21 minutes, you will eat less than 10 grams of sweets.

4. Hot tea causes cancer

Chinese medics have been monitoring the health of 500,000 people (aged 30 to 79) for nine years. They found that liquids above 65 degrees Celsius can thermally injure organs. In addition, if you smoke or smoke alcohol, the risk of oncology increases.

5. Low light shuts a person down

The brighter you work, the lower your labor capacity. In low light, however, the labor force is reduced. If you look at it, we are overwhelmed by the summer sunlight, and in the winter, and in the overcast weather, we are all asleep. 

6. Imagination reduces pain

A Dutch psychologist has proven that imagination reduces pain. If you have a needle, think of it as a mosquito bite, and if you have your hands immersed in cold water, imagine a waterproof glove box.

7. Exercise inhibits aging

If you exercise moderately daily, you will be energetic and healthy by the age of 70. Restlessness causes muscle weakening and aging.

8. Viscosity indicates heart disease

British scientists have found after observing 2,000 men that if a man is under 40, he has a cardiovascular system disorder.

9. Self-confident do not fall for it

As it is known, with age, people often fall due to poor eyesight, motionlessness and weakening of the motor. But this is rarely the case with self-confident people.

10. Optimism prolongs life

Scientists from the University of Michigan Psychology have been observing a group of 80 to 100 year olds to unravel the mystery of their lifespan. Most smoked cigarettes and regularly consumed alcoholic beverages. They ate potato fries and hamburgers and did not sleep for 8 hours or more, as the doctors advised. However, each was optimistic, emotionally stable, and actively involved in public life. As a result, it has been shown that life will continue in a positive way.
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