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10 Bad Beauty Habits You Can Even Sue Beauty Therapist Salon For

10 Bad Beauty Habits That Affect Us. Even if you consider yourself a coquette, there are definitely some of the following habits that you are doing wrong and you may not be aware of it. So check out the 10 most common misconceptions and fix them. In case any of this habits was recommended at t beauty salon you might want to visit, to see if you are available for a legal compensation.

1. You fall asleep without getting out

Very good facial cleansing before you go to bed should be a habit, as it is one of the most important things to keep in mind about skin health because at night the skin rejuvenates.

2. Do not wash your brushes often

The use of brushes and makeup tools, in general, should be based on hygiene rules, since both sponges and makeup brushes collect bacteria after repeated use, which if transmitted again, will not spread to the face again. , causing at best pimples and at worst, serious skin problems. So never leave your makeup tools dirty again, following the right way to clean them.

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3. Excess with exfoliation

Exfoliation of both the face and body should be done with moderation because if you overdo it your skin will become irritated – especially if it is sensitive – and you will have the opposite effect.

4. You do not always wear sunscreen

Most of you may have combined this cosmetic with summer and sun, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear it for the rest of the time. And of course, we are not only talking about the facial area, but also the neck and the hands. Not using it throughout the year leads to the number one cause of aging, photo aging.

5. Excessive eyebrow removal

There are a few times when you accidentally or deliberately overdid it by pulling out your eyebrows. However, restoring the shape to normal will take months. So in order to maintain the shape correctly or to restore it, it is advisable to visit a specialist or follow the tips in the article.

6. Straighten or straighten your hair directly with a hairdryer or any other styling tool

In order to keep your hair healthy and beautiful, you should always use a heat protection product. Don’t neglect it and the result will be right for you!

7. Paint your nails without foundation

The use of a manicure base is essential because it not only nourishes your nails but protects them from penetrating the nail to the surface of the nail, which will make your nails yellow.

8. Wrong shade make up option

It is not uncommon to choose a very light or very dark makeup. So choose the right one by doing a test on the side of your neck and ask an expert for even better results.

It is worth noting that due to the tan during the summer, it is logical that you will need a darker makeup than in winter.

9. You do not dispose of mascara after three months

Like all cosmetics, mascara has an expiration date, which is 3 months after it is opened. The reason this happens is because of the movement you make with the mascara brush, bacteria are created, which are then transferred to your eyes, leading to conjunctivitis and much more!

10. You don’t brush your hair tips once every two months

By cleaning the ends of your hair once every two months you can keep it healthy and beautiful.

10 Bad Beauty Habits That Affect Us

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